Adventure Shorts #24: Evil Dead

In a cabin in the woods is said,
lies an ancient book blood red.
't Is a tome craving to be read.
But guarding it are the Evil Dead.

What may occur next:
  • The heroes find themselves travelling through the woods, and find an excellent but deserted cabin in the woods. Night falls and scary figures move through the woods outside.
  • The figures outside are undead, attracted by the human flesh inside. And by a magic tome of darkness, that also lies in the cabin.
  • The book of darkness wants to be read. In it are spells to control the living dead outside. But it may also attract even more evil when the words in it are wrongly uttered. And unwary heroes themselves may end up slain, and then turn into zombies too.

The evil dead, those that hunt and devour the living while they decay and rot away themselves were first encountered in the poisoned valleys. But after the use of the weapons of destruction, and the subsequent black rains, their numbers appeared in many places. Those who die because of the evil dead often turn into one of them, which led scholars to believe that it is a disease, or a parasite that animates dead bodies. No matter, whenever encountered they are relentless, carnivorous, with an excellent sense of smell, and although usually slow and with bad hearing, they may attack from ambush and must be considered deadly. Priests may be able to turn them by blessing and protection.

OSR: AC 8, HD 2, Dam 1d6+1, Move 120', Save: F1, #app 1d10
DD2: claw and bite 4 (weapon class 2), will not stop until critically wounded

Update: You can find all shorts of this series and more in Unpleasant Encounters at RPGNow

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