Adventure Shorts #2: The Bandit Outpost

One of the heroes has been hired to investigate possible new attack routes of a nearby enemy city. Travelling as merchants, the heroes are slowed down in their travels, and finally reach a coach house halfway on their way. Deciding to spend the night there, they notice an uncommonly great number of armed men are also present.

What may occur next:
  • The armed men belong to a forward army of hired bandits working for the enemy city. The coach house is used as a base of operations.
  • One of the bandits, a young pretty woman but a ferocious fighter, recognizes one of the heroes and challenges them. She wants to know why the heroes are there.
  • The heroes overhear how the bandits plan an attack on a caravan passing the next day.

Bandit Mercenary
Bandit mercenaries once served in standing armies or wandering war bands. Now they sell their skills to the highest bidders, or wander the land plundering and stealing.

OSR: AC 7, HD 1, Dam 1d6, Move 120', Save: T1, #app 2d6
DD2: leather armour (armour 1), short sword 3 (weapon 2), dex 2

Tassha Nildapa
Tassha is a half orc young woman, but despite what is said about orcish looks, she is quite pretty. In fact, you wouldn't even recognize her as a half-orc at all, unless you have a nose for such thing. Tassha joined the bandit mercenaries because her family (orcs) were hunted and killed by the human troops, even though they lived peacefully as farmers at the time.

Update: You can find all shorts of this series and more in Unpleasant Encounters at RPGNow

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