Adventure Shorts #21: The Rotting Mill

No It's not skipped! It was just pending! Here's the final part of the september challenge series.

Near the edge of town, in the fields, there stands a dark, ruinous, rotting wooden windmill. It was not there the night before. And neither were the leaping, whispering, ravenous bodies with their yellow eyes.

What may occur next:
  • The rotting, dark windmill appeared overnight through a mirrorlike portal with a missing shard. It is no doubt part of the same portal as the shard where the stirges came from. The mill comes from an evil dimension.
  • The ravenous bodies are ghouls that eat not only the dead but also the living. They will swarm out next night and attack villagers and heroes alike.
  • The mill is actually a travelling device itself. Inside is a set of wheels within wheels, full of runic symbols that can be set to direct it to a new destination. Perhaps it can even travel through time, within limits. There will be fuel for 1d6 transportations. And it may attract new ghouls between dimensions with every trip.

The ghoul is a foul, undead creature, naked, gibbering, licking, leaping, clawing, gnawing. Sometimes covered with rotting poisonous slime which causes paralysis if it touches the skin of living creatures. They are often found near graveyards, and other dry deserted areas where carcasses can be found.

OSR: AC 6, HD 2* need magic or silver to harm, Dam 1d6, paralysis on hit, Move 90', Save: F2, #app 1d6
DD2: dex 4, leap attack 3, claw and bite 4 (weapon class 1), cause fearful paralysis 3, resistance to non-silver weapons (selective armour class 3, may be undone by a blessing)

Update: You can find all shorts of this series and more in Unpleasant Encounters at RPGNow

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