Adventure Shorts #11: Down the Mountain Stream

All the heroes have to do is raft down the mountain stream in the uncharted territory. And then see if it ends up in the main river below near the colony settlements. Piece of cake, if the stream is navigable... and no mishaps occur.

What may occur next:
  • The mountain stream is hard to navigate, but after a few rapids it does end up in the river near the settlement. It will not be of use as a shortcut.
  • The mountain stream goes underground, and the heroes will have a hard time working their way back up again through the rock and streaming water.
  • Not only does the stream go into a cave, the cave is also inhabited by giant lizards. And the lizards may not be amused with the new company. Or they might see them as a snack.

Giant Geckos are some six foot in length, and they are typical creatures of the lost valleys. Due to their size, they may be unusually aggressive against typically smaller humans.

OSR: AC 5, HD 3+1, Dam 1d8, Move 120', Save: F2, #app 1d6-2
DD2: thick leathery skin (armour class 1+1 for size), bite or tail whip 5 (weapon class 2), stealth 3

Update: You can find all shorts of this series and more in Unpleasant Encounters at RPGNow

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